Producing Beauty and Health Through Harmony with Nature

The closest part of nature to each of us is ourselves. We believe that use natural cosmetics helps us
to live in harmony with nature, by loving both nature and ourselves.

As a pioneer in natural cosmetics in Japan, we believe it is vital to respect nature and give it
maximum consideration at all times.
Never forgetting to be grateful for the abundant blessings of nature, which can be enjoyed only when
water, air, soil, and sea and mountains are kept in good health, and for the efforts of all related
parties, we will continue to pursue and convey the true value of natural cosmetics through
sustainable purchasing and production.

Our vision

A future full of smiling faces

Our dream is to realize a society filled with smiling faces:
A society filled with the richness of individuality;
A society in which all individualities interact with each other: nature and society, society and the individual, and the individual and nature;
One where people live affirmatively by building on one’s individual attractions, while respecting each other.
We are devoted to developing products and services, and communicating information, to realize such a society.

A future full of smiling faces

Integrity above profit

We make decisions based first of all on what is good for society, rather than profit and loss accounts.
We believe that our true gains come from customers’ smiling faces.

A company that will continue to thrive over the next century

At all times, we aim to be company that will continue to thrive over the next century.
To continue delivering smiles to customers’ faces, we continue doing business while valuing sustainability, developing markets with consideration for the natural environments where our products’ raw materials are sourced, product safety and reliability, and the health and safety of our staff, who are the source of our excellent customer service

Tradition and innovation

Almost a half-century has passed since we began introducing natural cosmetics to the world.
To deliver smiles to customers’ faces, we will continue to evolve by adapting to social and technological innovations while maintaining as our core the traditions and vision we have built up through now.

Code of conduct

Peace of mind backed by safety

We take action to deliver peace of mind to our customers, by prioritizing products, services and personal safety at all times.

The “Meigenso” spirit

We work together to build a comfortable company atmosphere

“Mei” (“brightness”): Proactive communication
“Gen” (“good health”): Taking positive action to build the future
“So” (“honesty”): A humble orientation toward growth based on listening to others and continuing to improve

Failure and growth

In order to continue delivering smiles to our customers’ faces, we are not afraid of experiencing failure.
We aim to realize considerable success and growth through a process of repeated trial and error.

“One Nature’s Way”

Through acting based on the concept of overall optimization, rather than individual or sectional optimization, we aim to remain a company that delivers smiles to customers’ faces that will continue leading to future smiles as well.

Corporate Activities that are Gentle on the Skin, People, and the Earth

Since its founding in 1974, Nature’s Way has focused on providing cosmetics that are gentle on the skin and which hold to uncompromising standards for natural ingredients. The firm also jumped to address environmental issues ahead of the curve, launching the “Nature’s Way Environmental Trust.” A portion of our sales goes toward environmental conservation activities and social contribution efforts. Furthermore, we are working to minimize the environmental burden posed by corporate activities such as manufacturing and sales.
With our desire to contribute to society through cosmetics, all of us at Nature’s Way will continue to walk a path centered in relationships with nature.