Our mission: To broaden
the world of natural cosmetics
and help them take root

Yoshiaki Hagiwara,

Representative Director and President

Broadening the world of natural cosmetics since 1974

Since our founding in 1974, we have continued to break new ground in the field of natural organic cosmetics as a pioneer natural cosmetics maker in Japan. Since we got our start at a time when even the term “natural cosmetics” was not well known, our job at that time was to communicate just what was meant by natural, organic cosmetics and to help people to understand them better.

The term “organic” started to spread throughout society around the year 2000, and since then the natural cosmetics market has grown as well. Together with this market growth, the store shelves have become full of products claiming to be natural or organic, and it has become difficult for consumers to tell which truly are natural or organic and which are not.

One of the reasons for this confusion is the ambiguity of the definition of the term “organic.” This is why we have begun growing herbs for use as raw materials in cosmetics at our own farm, the only one in Japan to secure Organic JAS certification.

We consider our mission as a company to be that of broadening our pursuit of truly safe, reliable natural cosmetics and helping them to take firm root in the Japanese market, through initiatives such as this. As a trailblazer in the field, we aim to move forward every day with the passion to play a leading role in the market in the future as well.

Yoshiaki Hagiwara,Representative Director and President

Aiming to increase the number of smiling faces, by valuing ties with our customers

The goal of our business activities is to satisfy customers and bring smiles to their faces, through natural cosmetics. While as a business we also need to generate profits, we see these as being entirely a result achieved through repeated contact with individual customers. We intend to continue stressing the element of our goal of bringing smiles to customers’ faces above all else.

In addition to making progress on our corporate philosophy of creating beauty and health in harmony with nature, we will strive to deliver products and experiences that will bring even more smiles to customers; faces, through corporate activities that are gentle on the skin, on human beings, and on the earth.