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Doing business based on a philosophy of Producing Beauty and Health Through Harmony with Nature

Nature’s Way engages in wholesale, import and export, direct sales, research and development, production, and OEM business in natural cosmetics

Nature’s Way engages

Sanders Perry products


We wholesale products from the brands Sanders Perry, Weleda, Naturaglacé, Chant a Chant, Dr. Bronner, and Biolab, for consumers who love natural cosmetics.

Sanders Perry Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

Weleda Japan Co., Ltd.


chant a charm

Dr. Bronner’s

Biolab Co., Ltd.

Weleda products

Imports business

Weleda Japan Co., Ltd., an official importer and distributor of Weleda products, and Nature’s Way Co., Ltd., an official importer and distributor for Dr. Bronner, sell products imported and inspected responsibility through thorough quality control, to ensure that customers in Japan can use them with peace of mind.

Weleda Japan Co., Ltd.

Dr. Bronner’s

Beauty Library

Direct Sales

Our directly operated shops propose organic, natural lifestyles for consumers seeking their own styles of beauty and health. Valuing communication with customers, we operate shops nationwide where shoppers can speak with product experts in person.

Directly operated Weleda Japan shops


Research and Development

Nature’s Way has carried out research on natural, organic cosmetics as a pioneer in the natural cosmetics field. Pursuing natural cosmetics that are gentle on the skin, based on our philosophy that prioritizes customers’ healthy skin above all else, we continue to deliver safe, reliable cosmetics made from carefully chosen natural ingredients—one of our strengths as a company



Our staff, highly knowledgeable on the properties of plants, make our products with attentive care while checking the state of each individual natural ingredient. The natural energy of plants survives in our handmade products made with thorough care.

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Nature’s Way also participates proactively in the OEM business. We meet corporate clients’ needs through the expertise in natural cosmetics we have built up since our founding, together with our uncompromising approach to quality.